Italian confectionary art

filled with a choice of chantilly cream, chocolate, hazelnut, zabaione

Cannoli con ricotta
sicilian traditional crispy pastry stuffed with fresh ricotta (2 pcs) 

Cheese Cake
crumbly almond layer with cream cheese mouse and fresh raspberry and strawberry topping

sponge cake with almond chocolate mousse

Fruit Tart
chantilly cream and berries

Pistacchio - Nocciola
Hazelnut - Pistachio

Chocolate cream puffs filled with zabaione cream

Shell-shaped filled Italian pastry native of the region of Campania

Fresh mascarpone cheese, coffee soaked sponge cake topped with chocolate

Torta della nonna
Double crusted tart filled with a delicate vanilla custard, topped with sliced almonds and pine nuts

Torta del nonno
Double crusted tart filled with a delicate chocolate custard, topped with slivered almonds and chocolate chips

Sponge cake covered with a dark chocolate glaze

Bite sizes
choice of flavors: apricot, blueberry, chocolate, coffee, delizia, hazelnut, lemon, orange, passion fruit, peach&mango, pineapple, pistachio, raspberry, strawberry, tiramisu, wild berries, apple pie

6" - 8" - 9"- 1⁄4 sheet- 1⁄2 sheet - full sheet sizes
choice of: Bavarian Cream, Cheesecake, Croccantino, Golosa, Profiterole, Tiramisu, Velina, Strawberry Yogurt, Yogurt and wild berries

❀ vegetarian