Italian delicacies

Affogato al caffè 
Gelato floating in a glass of espresso coffee

Bignè Selection
Four pieces filled with a choice of chantilly cream, chocolate, hazelnut, zabaione

Italian filled doughnut 


Cannoli con ricotta
Sicilian traditional crispy pastry stuffed with fresh ricotta (2 pcs) 

Sponge cake with almond chocolate mousse

Coppa di Gelato
Gelato, 3 scoops

Gelato all'aceto balsamico
Gelato topped with balsamic vinegar

Gelato shot
Gelato scoop served in a little crystal glass

Muffin con gelato
Homemade muffin served with one gelato scoop

Chocolate cream puffs filled with zabaione cream  

Shell-shaped filled Italian pastry native of the region of Campania

Fresh mascarpone cheese, coffee soaked sponge cake topped with chocolate

Cheese Cake
Crumbly almond layer with cream cheese mouse and fresh raspberry and strawberry topping

Yogurt mousse
Strawberry or wild berries flavor    

❀ vegetarian