To Drink

monday-THURSDAY 5-7pm
(bar only)


Drinks Options from Our Bar & Cafeteria during Happy Hour

Additional Options available from the regular Bar menu, Please ask your server

Vino della Casa (Red) Choices: Chianti DOCG, Merlot DOC, Cabernet Sauvignon IGT 8.50

Vino della Casa (White) Choices: Italian Chardonnay DOCG, Prosecco DOC 8.50

Flat or Sparkling bottled water 3.50

Draft Sodas Choice with refill: Sprite, Coke, Club Soda, Tonic water, Diet Coke, Lemonade 2.75

Bottled Beer Selection of bottled beer from the bar (Italian beers excluded) 5.00

Lemon or Orange drop Martini Fresh squeezed juice, vodka, limoncello, agave 9.50

Well Drinks on ice or neat Choice: Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Bourbon 8.00

Well Drinks Martini Choice: Vodka, Gin 9.50

Signature Margarita on ice Lime juice, triple sec, lemon juice, sweet& sour, agave, Tequila 9.00

Paloma on ice Grapefruit juice, agave, rosemarie juice, Tequila 8.50

Mint Bourbon on ice Mint leaves, lemon juice, agave, Bourbon well whiskey, scotch schnapps 8.50

Al Mulino Mule Organic Ginger, lime juice, agave, Vodka 9.00

Dessert Choices Choice: Pannacotta, flavored chocolate or Bombolone 6.00

Coffee Americano Freshly brewed organic coffee served in a tall cap, side of cream 3.25

Italian Espresso / Macchiato Freshly brewed organic coffee served in hot espresso cup 3.25

Cappuccino Freshly brewed organic coffee, hot organic milk foam served in medium cup 4.00

COFFEE CHOICES : Iced (No charge) / Double ($ 1.25-) / Decaf ($ 0.75-) / Low Fat Milk ($0.60-) / Almond- Soy ( 0.85)