Simplicity is the essence of bread.


Homemade fresh yeast (lievito madre), flours selected from Italian mills, extra virgin olive oil: the respect for the tradition is passed down over time.
We use ovens made in Italy that allow us to bake different types and sizes of savoury breads at an optimal temperature.
Our baker, revisits ancient recipes and follows modern tendencies to bake delicious focacce. The focaccia is a typical flat bread from GENOA, that before the last leavening is brushed  with extra virgin olive oil and salt.



A pizza neapolitan style is a work of art


and we prepare it according to the old recipe that requires the dough to be made with just the use of just water, flour, salt and sourdough. A long leavening process, and a cooking time of less than a minute in woodfire oven.

Our oven has been made by hand by Italian craftsmen and it is the little secret of the success of our pizza.

We select the best tomatoes and import mozzarella directly from Italy


We make our own pasta, truly Italian


Italian grow up eating pasta, our grandmothers used to make it at home with simple and genuine ingredients. Flour comes from high quality Italian producers, and we knead it with traditional pasta machines. Local water is added after being filtered and extra purified.
We decided to keep this fundamental tradition and all our fresh pastas are made in house, in a healthy, simple and authentic way, just like our grandmothers used to do it. Dry pasta is imported from the best organic producers directly from Italy and served with our own tasty sauces.



Simplicity and taste 


The piadina romagnola is one of the most characteristic recipes of the Emilia-Romagna region.
An excellent alternative to paninis, the piadina is a sheet of wheat flour dough, extra virgin olive oil, salt and water, nothing more.
Cooked on a terracotta plate, it is garnished with a choice of vegetables, cheeses or salami


Artisan Gelato, Cakes and Italian desserts made by our Pastry Chef


Italians eat gelato all year round, and to respect this tradition, we offer a variety of flavors to enjoy to go or after your meal.

But in Italy sweets come in all shapes, colors and forms and at any time of the day, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can enjoy our broad selection of pastries and cakes. 



Italian lifestyle starts here


A good cup of espresso is the best (and only) way to start the day in Italy.
Drinking caffè in Italy is part of a cultural experience, it has its own customs and rituals.

In our coffee bar we have a true Italian espresso machine and we use it in the proper Italian way setting the pressure just like in Italy so that you will find the true Italian espresso served in the Italian way together with your classical favorites.